July 13, 2009

12 Seats

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12 Seats is a collaboration between Erik and I.  12 Seats is just what the title says.  12 seats, 12 courses, 12 times in one year.  The last Sunday of each month, Erik and I will transform bresca in to an amalgamation of our culinary and hospitality passions.  12 Seats will take over the bresca dining room and kitchen, and he and I will transform ourselves into one chef with the mind of two cooks.


All things Evangeline and Bresca circling our minds will be set aside for collaborative menus created organically.  Things we want to cook, the way we want to cook them. The menu will be set.  Unfortunately, vegetarians, pescatarians and vegans will have some difficulty with our menus, as there will be no substitutions except for severe allergies, and these need to be appropriate to each dish.  Again, we are cooking what we want to cook.  We love our meat and foie gras.  We love our dairy, our caviar and our wheat.  As it is a monthly event, a restaurant within a restaurant, the menus we create will be deliberate and therefore we will be unable to make alterations.  We are cooking for those who want to let everything go and just be fed and entertained with great ingredients and wine.


There will be one table of 12, one seating only.  The evening will allow us to spread our wings and really COOK.  The relationship between you, the guest, and we, 12 Seats, begins with the first conversation about reserving seats.  And, hopefully the relationship won’t end once you leave after dinner. 


The first night 12 Seats will be open will be Sunday October 25th.  The seating is at 6:30 PM.  We ask that you arrive between 6 and 6:15.  Please call 207-838-FOIE(3643) for reservations or just to chat. 

Erik and Krista


P.S.  how cool is it that we got the FOIE number????


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